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Week in Pictures #19

A weekly photolog in which the school runs got warmer, the house got messier and we got a new sand pit..

Siblings in April

Not going to lie, my past few months of sibling updates have more or less just been me moaning about how much the kids have been fighting which has been enjoyable for exactly no-one but hallelujah we seem to have finally finally come out of that stage at long last. 

Which is honestly surprising to say that we've just had the two week Easter holiday and they've more or less been in each others pockets constantly, you'd think the bickering would increase ten fold but luckily not! 

I've noticed recently that Archer's speech has suddenly come on in leaps and bounds. All of a sudden he's speaking in full structured sentences and sounding like a proper little person and I think this has brought the pair of them even closer since Lily is getting more and more conversation out of him. 
She keeps teaching him things (rude words mainly..) and he still thinks that everything she says is hilarious. It's a good sibling stage and I'm enjoying seeing them act like a little team rather than the constant squabbles we've had before so long may it last!

Weekend Watch - Oh Easter

I'd like to say Easter has been good to us this year but all it's done really is bring us bad weather and leave me with a nasty bout of sinusitis. Frustrating! (Also how damn painful can your sinuses be!? Ugh who knew!)

As incapacitated as I felt on Easter Sunday it thankfully seemed the kids had a good time despite my ailments. The Easter bunny was on top form and left a trail of eggs both indoors and outdoors and Lily was a woman on mission when it came to finding them. A curly haired 35 lb machine that took no prisoners haha. Which meant poor Archer didn't find as many as he hoped for (we made her share tho obvs) but his little face lighting up the few times he did spot an egg, god it was just adorable! 

Everything Whimsy - March Round Up

I've spoken recently about my love for Instagram communities and how they're a great way for chatting to new people who share your hobbies. 

It probably isn't surprising to hear that my main interest on Instagram is photography, I follow a lot of great mums and specifically a lot of great mum photographers and last month I created the hashtag #everythingwhimsy with the view of doing monthly round ups.

The idea behind the everything whimsy hashtag is to photograph any whimsical moments in your life. The official definition of whimsical uses words such as quaint and fanciful but for me whimsical moments can appear just about anywhere in any way. Whether this be an adventure or outing with your children, a beautiful old bookstore or museum or even just a cozy day at home with thick woolly blankets and a mug full of hot tea. Anything goes!

Week in Pictures #18

We're finally starting to see some sunshine around here! Spring is that you? A photo log of the last week including a trip to the woods with daddy thanks to a rare week off work, walks with the aeroplane (that thing comes everywhere with us lately) and more indoor play.

Making use of small space to create a cozy environment for your child

Lily's bedroom is tiny. Harry Potter cupboard under the stairs level of tiny. Honestly there's hardly room to swing a cat never mind play the games in which a five year old would want to play in there.

But such is life and we've done the best we can with it and I like to think we've made it work, somehow.

I've used every single available surface and corner of her room that I physically can to make it in to a nice space for her. The word crammed comes to mind, but what five year old cares about their room being crammed? To them, the more toys the better. A room full of toys is a room full of love right?  

Here are some tips for showing how a small room can still be appealing for your little one

Siblings in March

I spoke in last months update about how Lily and Archer have been fighting like cat and dog lately and this month is more of the same. 

We've carried on being more or less house bound thanks to the continuing snow fall that doesn't seem to be shifting any time soon (more forecast this weekend, ugh) and that's definitely contributing to the levels of squabbling I think. Some days you just need to be out of the house and when you can't do that, well those days just plain suck! 

There has been a few days of nice weather in between though and so I feel like I'm finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. The worlds longest Winter may finally be coming to an end at last. 

Week in Pictures #16

A photolog consisting of many a snow day, time off school and lots of hibernating indoors resulting in a very messy house!

Three photography apps that solve all my photo problems

As much as I am obsessed with my DSLR camera (and believe me I am OBSESSED!) I also love taking photos on my Iphone too. It's so quick and simple and very much ideal for when you're just 'in the moment' (dontcha hate that phrase ha) and want to take a quick capture of something you or your child is doing.

I have three photo apps on my phone that I'm going to talk you through as they are my 'go to' apps. Between them they cover every single thing I need to do with my snaps and because of this I've never needed to download any other.