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Weekend Watch - 14.10.17

I feel like its not one of my weekend watch posts unless one of us is poorly and this weekend is no different. This time it's Archers turn and boy has he been a delight. Sarcasm do you hear me?

It's probably been a long time coming for this little one to be honest. He hasn't been under the weather for absolutely agggges so he's been well over due a turn. And virus' just don't like to leave a member of the household out do they? They're all about equality. 🙄

The docs confirmed he has an eye infection and he looks terrible with it, red watering blood shot eye complete with runny nose and temperature. However we didn't let it hold us back this weekend, only adjusting our plans slightly by bringing the stroller with us where we normally wouldn't have bothered and luckily Arch perked up when we got outdoors.

Siblings in October

These two. They go from best buds to worst enemies faster than I can say whats happened now?'

It's half amusing, half incredibly frustrating, but also exactly how siblings are supposed to be. 

I've noticed this month that Archer's suddenly got to the stage where he notices when Lily's gone and misses her. He cries most mornings when we drop Lily off at her classroom because he knows he wont be seeing her until much later on and when it is time to collect her he chants 'sister sister sister' all the way to school. (and then within thirty seconds of being home they're back to fighting!)
I'm not sure what it is that's brought this on because for the first few weeks he was absolutely fine with dropping her at school. I'm guessing a development thing, he's suddenly putting two and two together and realising that his playmate is disappearing for big chunks of the day where as before he was pretty oblivious. 

Our Week in Pictures #10

Without being overly dramatic this past week has been the week from hell ommmmgg! Haha. I think I have to laugh otherwise I'd cry (again)! It started off bad with each day getting progressively worse and worse, culminating in a horrendous Sunday evening where my partner accidentally deleted my entire photo collection and Lightroom settings and we're unable to get them back. I cried pretty much the entire night last night 😞

So I'm basically typing this on a Monday morning with little to no motivation, wondering how the hell I'm going to start again from scratch and asking myself whether it's even worth it. 

Photo Editing 101 - The importance of the warmth tool ft before and after examples

I have always maintained that you can attribute a good 50% of photography to the editing side of it, if not more. So many people believe that all there is to photography is bending down and getting a good snap but actually that is so so far from the case.

The power that editing can have over a photo is unbelievable. Obviously you will need a decent photo to begin with, but editing has the ability to transform a photo from 'average' or 'good' to 'magical' or 'amazing.'

As much as I adore taking photos I always say that editing is my 'happy place.' I love playing with colours shadow and light and seeing how far I can go with a photograph. I strangely find it really relaxing, and it's addictive! I want to use this blog to talk about some of the tips and tricks I have learnt about editing photos along the way as I have many 'go to' editing tools that I use on a daily basis and so I thought why not share them.

In today's post I want to talk about the ability of the 'warmth tool.'

Weekend Watch - Newborn babies and Rubbish weather

To say we haven't done much this weekend it's gone incredibly fast. I feel like the weather has forced us inside somewhat over the past few days what with the torrential rain and winds. 

We're not usually one to shy away from rough weather but Archer has a terrible cold and is all the more miserable for it and I;m currently on the hunt for new raincoats for my pair (and getting nowhere) and so staying indoors has seemed the sensible option. 

That's not to say it's been a bad weekend though. Far from it.

Little Loves - Frost, Conkers & Taking the plunge

Ah it's been a while since I've joined in with Little Loves! I guess life just got in the way. But I do adore this linky so I could never keep away for too long.

It's been an exhausting week with some incidents happening at Lily's school that have really got to me. Something I may write about in the future but just don't feel up to doing whilst it's all so fresh. Aside from that though it's been a good week. We're still loving the new routine of the school run as it gets us out of the house and into the fresh air and has the added bonus of tiring archer out for his late morning nap. It's been good for us all.

A Woodland Walk with the Whitakers

I've done it! I've finally found the courage to branch out and photograph people other than my own kids! I know, crazy right! 

Being truthful, as much as I adore photography and despite the sheer amount of time I spend on it, I never thought I'd dare photograph outside of my own comfort zone and because of that I've always thought that doing photography as a job would be nothing more than a pipe dream.

But something's changed in me recently. I've been feeling less anxious about things and more.. reckless if you like. I see other people going for it with the things they enjoy doing and I've been thinking well why can't I? The only person holding me back is myself.
I've said it a lot on this blog of late but if this year has taught me anything it's that life is too damn short. Do what makes you happy. Take risks. Live each day like it's your last. All those old cliches may be cheesy, but you know? they're true

& so I will be setting up my own photography page in the coming days and taking it from there. Keep an eye out, I'd really appreciate it! :)

Weekend Watch 16.9.17

It's been a long slow week. I've been struggling with migraines as per, the weather has been gloomy and this blog has been somewhat neglected over the last seven days meaning i'm behind on everything.

So here is last weekends weekend watch post, which technically is the weekend before. I'd completely forgotten about these pictures if I'm honest. They were taken on a short walk on Sunday afternoon that didn't go so well. We had a fed up Lily who wanted to get out of the house and a poorly Archer who clearly had no desire to go anywhere or do anything except feel sorry for himself and so we decided to take up Lily's wishes and get out of the house before we all drove each other mad. (in hein sight why one of us didn't just take her out and the other stay indoors with Arch I have no idea. It clearly would have made much more sense)

We took a walk through the woods because Lily wanted to show daddy her new route to school. During which Archer screamed because he hated his new hat (what's to hate kid, it's beautiful and you don't look silly at all I swear) and because he didn't feel up to walking.

He came round eventually and him and Lily had fun throwing stones into the lake until the heavens opened and we had to make a hasty retreat.

Our week in pictures #9

Comparing this weeks photos to a fortnight ago it's almost as though you can see the seasons changing. Gone are the sleeveless rompers and short sleeved dresses and instead we're back to woolly hats, oversized jumpers, tights and wellies. I love it.

(On a side note I've been looking everywhere for some nice waterproof jackets for the kids, if anyone knows of any please get in touch!)

This week, as I mentioned in my recent siblings post, has been a week of being outdoors.