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Week in Pictures #28

It's pretty funny how I thought that once once the school holidays were over I'd be back to having more free time. Um..nope! Not even slightly! If anything I feel like we have way less time now Lily's back at school as we're constantly rushing everywhere. Whether it be in the mornings to get to school on time or in the afternoons, again to get to school on time! Getting arch down for his nap before I have to get him up again to collect sister..getting tea ready and eaten before they can have a bath and homework done before bed time. Life is one big rush!

This past month has mostly consisted of cold & hurried school runs, driving lessons and turning a blind eye to the state of our house and therefore photo opportunities have been pretty thin on the ground. But that's okay. I kind of embrace how hectic our lives are right now. In a weird way it makes me feel like I'm alive and actually living life instead of standing still and watching it pass me by. 

Behind the Business with Toadstools & Tippytoes

As a serial 'small shopper' I decided to start a new series focusing on different small businesses by chatting to the often over looked faces behind them. Not only is it lovely to learn more about the businesses that I purchase from regularly it's also a great way of recommending these exceptional small shops to the wider parenting blogger community

This week I have been talking to from Kelle from Toadstools & Tippytoes. Toadstools & Tippytoes is an enchanting online shop that sells all things fairy related whether that be wands, jewellery or materials and accessories to build your own fairy gardens. I adore the concept and we've already purchased a whole heap of crafts kits from Kelle and her fairy friends!

Week in Pictures #27

The summer holidays are officially done with for another year.

Yep as of today Lily is back at school and i'm not entirely sure how I feel about it.

On the one hand I'm happy for her because she adores school and she's been asking to go back pretty much since the holidays started (yes she is a giant nerd bless her). I have to say I'm seriously looking forward to the routine that being back to school brings and I'm looking forward to the quiet cosier at home days with Archer as the weather gets colder and the sky gets darker increasingly early. I probably have another 6 months max before Archer starts nursery so I want the make the most of our one on one time.

However I'm going to miss having Lils presence around the house 24/7 for the past six weeks . There's no denying the house is much quieter when she's not here but I just love having her around. She chatters 24/7, she's so much fun and is forever making us laugh with all her impressions and dance moves and jokes that make zero sense. And she's been so so helpful with Archer over the past 6 weeks - I think he's going to struggle the most with her going back to school out of all of us! 

Selfishly its been so relaxing not to have to get up and dressed at arse o clock in morning to get to school for 8.45. And its been lovely not to wake up Arch from his naps before he's ready in order to go and get her again. However she's soo ready to go back. So excited and eager to learn and missing all her friends that I couldn't find it in me to keep her at home even if I wanted to!

You go spread your wings baby girl.

Shopping Small - Behind the Business with Another Fox

As a serial 'small shopper' I decided to start a new series focusing on different small businesses by chatting to the often over looked faces behind them. Not only is it lovely to learn more about the businesses that I purchase from regularly it's also a great way of recommending these exceptional small shops to the wider parenting blogger community. 

This week I have been chatting to Andie from Another Fox. I have been shopping with Another Fox for a long looong time and having worked with Andie in the past I can vouch for just what a friendly, helpful and upbeat person she is. I have seen Another Fox grow through its many gorgeous collections, from botanicals to a celestial space age theme to her current 'other world' collection which I think is my favourite so far.

Week in pictures #26

Week 4 of the summer holiday. A week including a trip back to an old childhood stomping ground, baby Heaths Christening in Manchester, garden play and our usual park trips. 

Siblings in August

It makes me sad that it's time for a midway August update already. The fact that we're halfway through the last summer month means the colder snap and rainier days are approaching and I'm not quite ready to give up the heat yet. Not at all actually.

I mentioned in a recent update that the best part of the holidays has been the weather. It's spoiled us. It's allowed us to do so much, to be outdoors for 95% of every day. It's meant the days have gone faster, the world has seemed brighter and the kids have been getting on better. (and 
I've unintentionally lost weight because I've been so damn busy, woohoo!)

Week In Pictures #25 - Summer Holidays

We're entering week three of the summer holidays and we're all still alive and in good spirits. Well, for the most part haha.

The days have mostly been long and lazy with a few busy ones thrown in there, but the majority of time has been spent at home in the garden or enjoying the sunshine in local spots.

North Star Club - Worth the trip? (& the expense?)

One thing I dont feel like you see enough of these days is full and frank reviews.

It's mainly an issue for me because I'm that kind of anal type A personality that googles like mad in order to research every inch of a place before I decide whether I'm going to spend the money and commit to going there. I tend to rely on trip advisor a lot, especially for viewing visitors photos because I find those seem to provide the most honest of reviews. (possibly because whilst words can be embellished or lie photos not so much?)

I do really enjoy reading blog posts that bloggers have written about their stay-cations too but find that many tend to focus on only the positives - on what a great trip they had and how beautiful the place was without mentioning any of the negatives. And I mean no place can be perfect right?

So with those frustrations in mind I vowed to myself, before even stepping foot in North Star Club or anywhere else we might visit this summer, that I would commit to a fully rounded review so that anyone who is like me and likes to search places before they go may come across this and it might help them in knowing more about it, pro's and cons included.

Weekend Watch - 22.07.18

After speaking to a good blogging friend of mine earlier in the week I was reminded how long it's been since I've done a weekend watch post.

I've been focusing a lot on my week in pictures series that generally tends to include what we get up to over the weekend too but the first weekend of the summer holidays seems a good place to get back in to documenting our weekend adventures.

This weekend I re-discovered my love for early morning walks.