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Little Loves | Sun, Sea & Wifi Free Zones

We're back from our weekend to Scarborough! and although we were only away four days it felt like weeks, it really did. But in a good way. It was every bit as hectic as I thought it would be - me and the kids, my parents and my two younger brothers all cooped up in this tiny little caravan. But it was also fantastic. A chance for adventures, cheesy butlins style children's shows and for the kids to spend quality time with their uncles. Lily loved every second of it and I soaked up every second of her joy. Her happiness is my happiness and I love how into it all she was. It made the weekend so special.

I made the decision not to vlog or take my DSLR to Scarborough and so I have no photos of videos from the trip. But it was so unbelievably relaxing, just sitting back and watching the kids play rather than watching them through a camera screen and trying to decide what would make the best photo or what might be good video footage. The caravan had no wifi either and so I was totally distant from social media. No constant scrolling of Instagram or checking of work emails. Yes it was a trip that was beyond exhausting, but I've also never felt so refreshed.

The surprising way the weekend has made me feel, combined with the horrific event in Manchester and the grieving parents and families that are never too far from my mind at the moment, I've been thinking about maybe taking a step back from my computer and trying to be more present and in the moment. There's a quote I read somewhere recently that went something along the lines of 'We miss so much, by worrying about missing it.' And that's exactly what I don't want to do. I capture so much of our lives because I'm scared of missing it, I want to preserve memories for my children. Something solid that can left behind after I'm gone, for them to remember us and our lives together by. But in doing so I'm probably missing so much myself. Maybe it's time to focus more on the 'real world'. It's something to ponder on for sure. Now onto this weeks Little Loves..

Can pre imposed gender stereotypes effect kids at such a young age?

Archer loves cars. I mean LOVES them. Not just cars but trains, tractors, diggers. Anything with wheels. He has to carry one around with him at all times and believe me when I say it is quite literally all he wants to play with.

What a stereotypical boy, right?

A Monochrome Wildlife Themed Party For Those On a Budget

I spent a while back in January scouring Pinterest for a nice theme for Archers first birthday and being a monochrome lover it wasn't long before I decided on monochrome as the theme. As the planning progressed it actually somehow ended up being a 'Monochrome & Wildlife' theme. What a random hybrid I hear you say! & yes, it is, but I think it kind of works and best of all I was surprised at how easy it was to do! 

Siblings in May

Oh ohhhh! I was doing so well at keeping up with these and then it suddenly struck me as I sat down to do this months that I actually skipped out April entirely! Arghh! How frustrating!
Although to be honest, I'd imagine not much has changed with our pair from last month to this. 

Weekend Watch - Whitby - Our Little Cottage Getaway

It's fairly safe to say that this weekend was not my usual weekend, oh no! It was spent in the gorgeous Whitby, child free and with the female side of my family only. A much needed girls break, that came at exactly the right time for me. 

It was only four days. Or just two full ones technically but being away from the kids for that amount of time was strange. Not necessarily good or bad strange. Maybe a bit of both actually. It was incredibly motivating getting to put myself first for a change though and I felt really free.

Little Loves - 5th May

Morning! This week has sped by thanks to the bank holiday Monday. It's been a little hard getting back into routine but nothing too taxing. I sure could get used to these bank holiday weekends though!

Onto this weeks Little Loves..

Weekend Watch - The one with the May Day Bank Holiday (Picture heavy)

Oh bank holidays, you are both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because it's so nice to not have the weekend go hurtling by at the speed of light, time to relax and just have simple family time that doesn't feel rushed for once. A curse because it's so hard to get back into the routine and the daily grind. How can one extra day make such a difference? The bank holiday blues are real, yo!

Breastfeeding update - Time to wean

So I've been meaning to write a breastfeeding update for ages as I think the last update I did was at 10 months. Never did I think I'd get past the year mark, or that I'd still be breastfeeding now - 15 months on. I'm proud of myself for sticking at something that can be so difficult and draining and coming out the other side and getting to experience the wonderful side of breastfeeding too. However with that being said the plan to begin weaning has been formed and I have an end goal in sight and as a result this will probably be our last ever breastfeeding photo.

 I like how raw and honest this photo is. It's not some beautiful arty breastfeeding photo (although there's nothing wrong with those - they're lovely.) It shows me in joggers at 3 in the afternoon. A messy mirror, a carpet that could really do with a hoover complete with plastic toy dinosaurs, and a make you want to rip your ears off singing Elsa wand. It's hectic. It's real. It's life with kids. & it really sums up what breastfeeding for me has been - snatched moments of quiet within the madness.

An open letter to my mum, on her birthday.

Dear Mum,

I kind of hate it when your birthday comes around. Mainly because I never know what to get you. It's the same issue every year.  You do so much for me and my children and nothing i can think of to buy ever seems good enough to show you what you mean to us all. Flowers and chocolate seem thoughtless and photo related gifts have been done a thousand times over. You don't drink and you don't wear jewellery and I'm twenty seven years old, I don't think something handmade would have quite the same effect these days. (Remember those mazes Nathan used to draw you?) You always go all out on our birthdays, even now that me and the boys are all in our twenties and dont need that kind of attention on our birthdays anymore. You do it automatically. Because you're our mum and you love us. And we want to do the same for you. But you're just so bloody difficult to buy for, woman! and unfortunately my mind isn't creative enough to be able to think outside the box. (I do try, honest I do!)

Also if I'm honest your birthday always seems to reminds me that you're a year older and that thought unnerves me a bit. Selfishly I don't want you to grow old. I want you to stay right here, at the age you are now, by my side, being my partner in crime.