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Our Week In Pictures #12

Little Loves - Migraines, Vlogmas and Everything in between

It's been a slow old week. Not really much going on apart from cold weather and constant migraines which are driving me slowly insane. Usually my migraines follow a pretty regular pattern but every now and again i'll have a week of pretty much full blown daily ones and this week seems to be one of those weeks. Meaning not much is getting done except for lying on the sofa feeling sorry for myself.

I'm feeling a bit guilty because it's meant me and Arch have barely left the house all week and I know it can't be very entertaining for him being stuck indoors all the time,  but he's been an absolute star. Plus I'm consoling myself with the fact that it's been too cold and wet for us to have done much this week anyway.

The stigma around Parent Bloggers & why we will not accept your poxy offers just because it's near Christmas!

I never thought I'd be one for this type of post to be honest but this is something that has been irritating me so much recently that I feel like I need to have a rant of epic proportions (before building a bridge and essentially taking a deep breath and moving on!)

I'm feeling really sad and disappointed that I feel the need to have to write this post at all. 

It seems to be a recurring theme each year around the seasonal period as I noticed the same last Christmas with brands and companies significantly lowering the amount they're offering to work with us parent bloggers. It's funny because I probably get triple the amount of work offers around Christmas than I do the rest of year but these offers seem to expect me to work for around a third of the amount I would normally.  As soon as early/mid November hits my inbox starts filling up with offers that to me, are frankly borderline offensive.

Where did we go?

Have you ever had that experience of not realising how much you needed something until you're actually in the moment itself?

That's what this holiday was to us.

Weekend Watch - 17 Nov

As I type this I'm currently sitting on THE most comfortable sofa in front of a log fire in a lodge in the middle of the Yorkshire Dales. Would you believe it? Yes me and James are on our first kid free holiday in five years and although we've only been here a matter of hours i'm in HEAVEN

I intend to chat about it properly in this weeks week in pictures post so for now I'll post about the time we spent with our two munchkins over the weekend.

Siblings in November

Every time it gets to this time of the month and I realise its Siblings linky time I think oh f*ck, I've got no photos this month! Then I delve into my folder and realise actually I have waaay more than I think! 

This month is no different. Although I haven't really taken many in the last week or so thanks to both kids being poorly I have some snaps to fall back on from earlier in the month and from the end of last month that I absolutely adore. 

Weekend Watch - 11.11.17

Dear lord what a weekend it's been.

Archer's spent the weekend poorly (tonsillitis, severe case, apparently) and it's not that I don't believe the doctor, I'm sure that it is very much the case but if you're well enough to bite, smack, push and shout at your sister constantly then that says a whole lot in my eyes. And that's what we've been dealing with all weekend. And my god is it wearing! I don't know whats going on with Archer lately but poor Lily is like his punching bag (not literally, my one year old can't punch obv) and I'm struggling with it. Something I'll talk about in my siblings update I imagine.

Baby Wilfs Woodland themed Photo Shoot

A few weeks ago I got the opportunity to do a newborn photo shoot for the gorgeous baby Wilf. It was the first newborn photo shoot I'd done aside from Archers which felt like a billion years ago and let me tell you it was a totally different experience. Baby Wilf is a dream!

I read up on all the tips and safety measures for photographing a newborn before hand although most of them just require common sense (make sure the house is warm, the baby is in a safe place etc) and we got started.

We knew that we wanted the photo shoot to be based at least loosely on a woodland theme and so the first thing we did was send Becca's husband Andrew out into the garden to saw down some tree branches (I'm honestly not even kidding!)

October Through my Phone

The through my phone series has been on a bit of a unplanned hiatus as I've been in the habit of taking the big camera out with me lately more or less meaning my camera roll has been eerily empty.

However I was scrolling my camera roll this morning, avoiding tidying up the play-doh that Lily  'absolutely promised' she'd put away before school and came to the conclusion that October, my favourite month of the year, would be the perfect month to get back in to the phone series again. I actually ended up spending a good hour on my through the phone tag and it made me rather emotional. All the imperfect grainy selfies, photos of the kids play fighting, jumping on furniture and generally being happy. The lost ordinary moments that are captured and then deleted or lost in the ether because the quality isn't insta worthy enough. I'd have forgotten about so many of these moments it wasn't for these years worth of collages collected through this tag.