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Archer Leo

Siblings in July

Somethings changed between these two in the past month and I can't find the words to express exactly what it is. They just seem closer somehow, on more of an even keel you know? The age gap between them seems a lot lesser, all of a sudden, and I'm 99% sure it's down to Archer walking.

He's only been walking for about three weeks. So only a week or so after my last siblings post update, (which is very different to this one!) But it feels as though he's been walking a lifetime. Now that Arch is on his feet, he's suddenly 'fun' again in Lily's eyes. He follows her around everywhere like a little puppy and she loves attempting to hold his hand and steer him places (which he hates, he's constantly batting her away! you'll probably see it in a lot of this months pictures!) It really does feel as though he's much more on Lily's level now. Somethings clicked between them again. (Did you feel this way after your youngest started walking?) It makes me excited for whats to come for my pair and their relationship. And it's nice to feel excited after the stress of last months sibling worries. I'm a heck of a lot more positive and so, so full of love.

Little Loves - What a busy week!

I wasn't going to do a 'little loves' post today. It's been a hectic week and I haven't had time to stop and think, never mind get a blog post up and I'll be honest and say I feel a bit out of the loop and a bit de-motivated with blogging and my 'blogging stats' right now. Howeverr Archer seems to be having a mammoth nap and catching up with my current favourite linky/pretending the tip in my house doesn't exist seems a much better option than actually tidying it so here I am!

Mini Make over series: Living Room before & after

It can be hard to achieve your own style when it comes to rented accommodation. I know I've certainly struggled anyway.

When we first started moved into our house it was hard to see an end vision of what it was going to look like. There was plenty of space to put our stamp on the place, but because it wasn't our house and because we weren't entirely sure of how long we were planning on staying I couldn't find the creativity nor the motivation needed to mold it to how I wanted it to look.

We've been in this house coming up to 4 years now and it's only in the last 6 months that I've got in the mind set of yeah, we're going to be here a while, let make it more 'us.'

Of course when it comes to rented accommodation there's loads of rules and restrictions as to what you can and can't do in the home. Making many holes in the wall is often a no no and some landlords are even so strict as to not letting the walls be painted or even blu tac be used (my old landlord, ahem.) As luck has it our landlord is quite literally the nicest most chill landlord you could ever have. He's nothing short of a ledge! and so we thankfully don't have those sort of restrictions.

Therefore my first port of call in what I'm going to call 'the mini make over series' (budget wont allow for anything bigger than a mini make over haha) had to be the living room.

Weekend Watch - Hangovers & Family Walks

Sometimes I feel like I need to pack everything I can into a weekend to make it a worthwhile one. I'm a planner, always have been and not planning ahead can often make me feel quite anxious. Other times however I feel like the best plans we can possibly have for our 48 hours together each weekend is to have no plans at all. There's actually nothing more worthwhile than spending time as a family together at home, taking each day as it comes.

I may have romanticised all that a bit though because Saturday morning I woke up hungover as f*ck 😂 and so yeah, there was pretty much no option but for there to be a lazy day on the cards 😂

Weekend Watch - He's Walking!

This weekend has been one of those weekends that are over and done without before you've properly blinked. The sign of a good weekend I guess, as many of them have been dragging lately. 

The exciting news from this weekend is that Archer is OFFICIALLY walking. Yes, properly this time haha. I'm pretty sure I made a similar announcement about 3 or 4 months ago. When he started taking steps and I got very prematurely excited as he reverted back to crawling within the same day and that was it. Up until now. 

I'm not even sure what made him suddenly decide to walk this weekend. He'd been walking just holding a finger all week which was a massive step in itself but on Saturday, as we headed towards the car to go and see James parents, he just let go. And that was that, he was off.

100 Instagram hashtags for bloggers and how they can significantly boost your following

Ok so let's be honest here, Instagram has gotten pants lately. We can all admit it. What with the recent updates, especially the scrapping of photos appearing in chronological order, it's become less about the photo's themselves and all about trying to beat the algorithm and get yourself seen.

And it's shitty. Just plain shitty. But if you're on Instagram to try and promote your blog, like so many of us are, then unfortunately you do what you gotta do to get your posts out there.

One thing I've found to still be really helpful, despite all the latest changes, are hashtags.

Our Week in Pictures - #4

As I type this I'm so beyond exhausted that my eyes keep closing every few minutes or so. Blinking furiously is doing nothing. Nor is the second red bull I hold in my hand. (seriously are these things all a con or what?)

It's lunchtime and I'm on day 3 of absolutely zero sleep. 72 hours of tending to poorly children day and night. I'm surprised I'm not at the hallucination stage yet.

(Oh but its coming. I can feel it, haha.)

My first thought when uploading earlier was how the photos this week don't represent how my week has gone at all. Like, one little bit. Funny that. Although I guess not so surprising as you don't get out a camera and snap whilst your childs having a meltdown really do you? But still, looking at these pictures the kids look happy. But the reality this week was that they were far from it.

Siblings in June

The past few weeks have been all about playing in the garden for these two. The warmer weather has meant we can have the patio doors open and I'm really enjoying being able to sit down with a cuppa and watch them play!

Strangely the most expensive items in the garden, the swing, play house and water tray aren't getting a look in and instead both Lily & Archer having been enjoying the cheap plastic tunnels and tents I purchased a few years back and have lived in the shed ever since until recently! Now that it's summer and we're spending most of our time outdoors I'm on the look out for some more garden toys, ideally ones that wont break the bank, so if you have any suggestions or links for me I'd love for you to leave them in the comments.

Despite all the lovely garden play though I'd say this month has been the hardest month in a while in terms of sibling bonding.

Slimming World journey so far | Update 1

I'm going to be honest here and say I have a long drawn out love/hate relationship with Slimming World, and have done for a while now. I've made no less than 5 attempts at starting Slimming World since having Archer and have fallen flat on my ass with it every single time.

I've finally had enough of glancing in the mirror then having to furiously look away. Honestly I've been living in a forced bubble of oversized winter jumpers the past few months (or well, since Archer was born really) but Summer has begun and I can't stay in these jumpers forever - it's slowly killing me!
As I'm now three weeks in to Slimming World, the longest I've managed in my attempts this year, I finally feel like I'm determined enough that I'm not going to go cold turkey and that I can therefore confidentially sit down and start writing about my journey.
I know that many people don't feel comfortable in sharing numbers when they do their slimming world updates, tending to just focus on food diaries, but I personally look for these figures just as much as the meal plans themselves when reading other peoples journeys. I like to know peoples starting weights so I can have a better idea of how far they've come and therefore I will be sharing my own starting weight and losses/gains in lbs as I go along.

Before I start I have to say that I don't believe that the size I am now is in any way 'large.' So when I reveal my weight and any other stats in these blog posts I dont want anyone to feel offended that I'm claiming it's not an acceptable weight  because that's not the case at all. It's all relative. It all depends on your body type, shape and what you're comfortable with. You know your own body type and what your natural size and weight is so don't let anyone tell you what's right or wrong for YOU. 

So lets go right back to the very start of my Slimming World journey back in 2013.