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Day in the life - 6.6.18

Day in the life photography. Candid photography. Capturing the essence of normal, the day to day. 

This is the kind of photography that grabs my attention. The kind of photography I adore and that really helps me feel like I know more about someone and their family, allowing a little window into their life. 

This week I was delighted to be asked to join in on a collaborative day in the life post with a group of blogging ladies who photography I really do love. I chose this Friday to do my own day in the life as Lily had a training day and I was hoping to get out of the house and have a nice day in the sun together, the three of us. 

Week in Pictures #24

The sunny weather continues

A week of garden barbecues, park trips and eating al fresco on the daily

Shopping Small - Behind the business with Wear It baby

As a serial 'small shopper' I decided to start a new series focusing on different small businesses by chatting to the often over looked faces behind them. Not only is it lovely to learn more about the businesses that I purchase from regularly it's also a great way of recommending these exceptional small shops to the wider parenting blogger community. 

This week I've been chatting to Zoey from Wear It Baby. Wear It baby are another gorgeous kids clothing company who Archer has brand repped for in the past. Wear It baby focus on bright patterns and bold colourful designs that are appealing to children whilst still looking ensuring they look super stylish. As the website puts it perfectly - 'Happy clothes for happy kids!'

Week in Pictures #23

Sun, sun and more sun 

Week in Pictures #22

For the past week we have been spending our time at Forest Holidays Keldy site.

I can't even find the words to explain how amazing our stay here was. To state that it was exactly what I needed feels more apt tbh. I've gotten myself in a bit of a rut back home without even realising it and I think it really only occurred to me whilst I was away. Being out in the open, the fresh air, countryside and forests made me SO happy, it really made me think about the things I need to start prioritising.

All that vagueness aside (ha) I of course took the camera along with me and I of course ended up taking about ten thousand photos which you can see below. 

Friday Favourites #12

It's been a while since I've done one of these posts but honestly I feel like I have things to recommend coming out of my ears lately! Especially clothes, so many lovely summer items around at the moment giving me all the heart eyes.

I have a few practical things to recommend too, as well as what Archer is currently playing with and some fathers day gift ideas. 

So without further ado. This week we have been loving.. 

Week in Pictures #21 - May Half Term

How fast did half term go!? Does anyone else feel that way? I feel like I blinked and Lily's back at school!

It's been a nice week even though we haven't done much of anything at all. We didn't go away anywhere as half term in Yorkshire is only one week instead of the fortnight a lot of other school get and I didn't fancy cramming lots into the week and having it feel too rushed.

The holiday started with a family wedding which was probably the most exciting event of the whole week! 

5 tips to keep you on top of your health on holiday

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be difficult. Obesity is becoming increasingly common and combating it is more vital than ever. Even those of us who are dedicated to staying fit and healthy can struggle when travelling is thrown into the mix, though. Giving in to temptation is greater than normal when you’re away from home, but it is possible to stay focused on your health goals without ruining your holiday. Restraint is a necessity, but punishing yourself will only drive you towards bad habits.

How a five minute encounter with a stranger changed my entire outlook

Yesterday an old man stopped me in the park and asked if he could sit and watch my kids play a while.

We went on to have a conversation that I want to share with others. Because it’s a conversation that will remain with me forever.