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Our Week in Pictures #7

Week 5 of the summer holidays and we're all still alive! Just about ;) I've given up all pretence of living on anything but a diet of caffeine right now. Sleep is horrible (is there an 18 month sleep regression??) my migraines are back with a vengeance and my motivation for blogging and vlogging (/anything that involves getting my brain in to gear) is all over the place. However I'm enjoying the lack of nursery runs and having my two all to myself and even though the summer holidays seem to have lasted a lifetime, there's a rather large part of me not wanting it to end. 

The weather's been kind to us this week. It's been cloudy but warm. In a humid thunderstorm brewing oh hello migraine kind of way. But it has meant we've been out and about lots, which has been good for the kids even if not for my head. 

Siblings in August

Why is it the weeks go so much faster in the summer? The days are longer, so technically they really shouldn't, but once again I can't believe its time for another siblings round up already. (It makes me sad that its the last summer siblings post until next year, too.)

This month has been a full on 50/50 split of my pair being bffs and mortal enemies haha. As I said in my last update Archer now walking has brought them together in so many ways. They chase each other, play hide and seek, bring each other toys and dance with one another. The list could go on. It's lovely. But it's also given archer a billion more opportunities to charge over and wreck Lily's meticulous games, which still drives her insane. I also feel like Archer now being mobile and completely steady on his feet (and boy is he) has given Lily the feeling that she's now allowed to be rougher with him. She often grabs his wrist and drags him along, causing him to fall to the ground. And there's been a fair lot of shoving going on too. Archer gives as good as he gets though as he's now in a serious biting phase! Sigh. Thinking about the way me and my younger brothers were I cant see this violent phase (can I call it violent? Seems to strong a term but I can't think of another word) getting any better as they grow older. As me and my brothers used to fight like absolute cat and dog until I turned 18 and moved away!

I've managed to get a lot of photos of my two this month luckily. I'm well aware that the nice weather is nearly gone and so I've been snapping away whilst I can.

Our Week In Pictures #6

I'm typing this on a grey and wet Monday morning, sat on my sofa in a woolly jumper and a blanket. I can't help but think this isn't how the summer holidays should be!? Bloody UK.
(I actually watched a weather expert on 'This morning' a few days ago who said that everything has been pushed forward a month this year and so summer technically ended at the end of July. I mean how depressing!?)

That being said the weather in the past week has actually been tolerable. Not overly sunny, apart from a few odd evenings, but dry at least and I feel like I've actually made the most of the week, for a change.

So on to this weeks photos

Weekend Watch - Nature Reserves and Poorly Toddlers

I'm typing post mid card game with Lil so this post might be a little all over the place (she's just stormed off in a huff because she's losing 😂)  
I haven't managed to find the time to do a weekend watch post in a while and I miss them. It makes me a little sad thinking about all those forgotten weekends that have gone undocumented. So this is me making a conscious effort to get back in to it, even if it means fitting it in between a game of cards with my sassy daughter.

Luckily I have a lot of photographs for you from this weekend as we've managed to get out and about a lot. 

Our Week in Pictures #5

I'm cheating a little and putting a fortnights worth of photos into this post because I've been so damn slack. It's been a busy few weeks. Quite pleasantly so.  Mainly for Lily as she's been on a primary school induction day, to Sundown Adventure Land and as I type she's currently at her last ever nursery session. (but that's a whoooole other post for another day, but let me just say..the feels!)

We've had one good day of weather in the past two weeks. ONE! In which I took the kids down to the woods and went photo mad as per.

Fun with Lottie Dolls - Review

Lily's favourite thing at the moment is to play the role of caregiver. Whether she's a mummy, teacher, nurse, her poor dolls are dragged around with her everywhere and constantly being attended to. 

I love that she's in to dolls. It's very sweet and I like seeing her maternal side. Dolls have also come a long way from when I was her age - the ones I had at four years old were quite frankly hideous. I look back at the old photographs my mum has and the sight of my favourite doll back then makes me cringe. It's like no thought had been put in to the design and it more or less looked like something out of a horror movie. (especially when later on down the line it lost one of it's eyes, and I still insisted on carrying it around..)

Nowadays however it seems like a lot more thought and care are put in to designing dolls for children. None more so than Lottie dolls. 

Siblings in July

Somethings changed between these two in the past month and I can't find the words to express exactly what it is. They just seem closer somehow, on more of an even keel you know? The age gap between them seems a lot lesser, all of a sudden, and I'm 99% sure it's down to Archer walking.

He's only been walking for about three weeks. So only a week or so after my last siblings post update, (which is very different to this one!) But it feels as though he's been walking a lifetime. Now that Arch is on his feet, he's suddenly 'fun' again in Lily's eyes. He follows her around everywhere like a little puppy and she loves attempting to hold his hand and steer him places (which he hates, he's constantly batting her away! you'll probably see it in a lot of this months pictures!) It really does feel as though he's much more on Lily's level now. Somethings clicked between them again. (Did you feel this way after your youngest started walking?) It makes me excited for whats to come for my pair and their relationship. And it's nice to feel excited after the stress of last months sibling worries. I'm a heck of a lot more positive and so, so full of love.

Little Loves - What a busy week!

I wasn't going to do a 'little loves' post today. It's been a hectic week and I haven't had time to stop and think, never mind get a blog post up and I'll be honest and say I feel a bit out of the loop and a bit de-motivated with blogging and my 'blogging stats' right now. Howeverr Archer seems to be having a mammoth nap and catching up with my current favourite linky/pretending the tip in my house doesn't exist seems a much better option than actually tidying it so here I am!

Mini Make over series: Living Room before & after

It can be hard to achieve your own style when it comes to rented accommodation. I know I've certainly struggled anyway.

When we first started moved into our house it was hard to see an end vision of what it was going to look like. There was plenty of space to put our stamp on the place, but because it wasn't our house and because we weren't entirely sure of how long we were planning on staying I couldn't find the creativity nor the motivation needed to mold it to how I wanted it to look.

We've been in this house coming up to 4 years now and it's only in the last 6 months that I've got in the mind set of yeah, we're going to be here a while, let make it more 'us.'

Of course when it comes to rented accommodation there's loads of rules and restrictions as to what you can and can't do in the home. Making many holes in the wall is often a no no and some landlords are even so strict as to not letting the walls be painted or even blu tac be used (my old landlord, ahem.) As luck has it our landlord is quite literally the nicest most chill landlord you could ever have. He's nothing short of a ledge! and so we thankfully don't have those sort of restrictions.

Therefore my first port of call in what I'm going to call 'the mini make over series' (budget wont allow for anything bigger than a mini make over haha) had to be the living room.