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Week in Pictures #22

For the past week we have been spending our time at Forest Holidays Keldy site.

I can't even find the words to explain how amazing our stay here was. To state that it was exactly what I needed feels more apt tbh. I've gotten myself in a bit of a rut back home without even realising it and I think it really only occurred to me whilst I was away. Being out in the open, the fresh air, countryside and forests made me SO happy, it really made me think about the things I need to start prioritising.

All that vagueness aside (ha) I of course took the camera along with me and I of course ended up taking about ten thousand photos which you can see below. 

Friday Favourites #12

It's been a while since I've done one of these posts but honestly I feel like I have things to recommend coming out of my ears lately! Especially clothes, so many lovely summer items around at the moment giving me all the heart eyes.

I have a few practical things to recommend too, as well as what Archer is currently playing with and some fathers day gift ideas. 

So without further ado. This week we have been loving.. 

Week in Pictures #21 - May Half Term

How fast did half term go!? Does anyone else feel that way? I feel like I blinked and Lily's back at school!

It's been a nice week even though we haven't done much of anything at all. We didn't go away anywhere as half term in Yorkshire is only one week instead of the fortnight a lot of other school get and I didn't fancy cramming lots into the week and having it feel too rushed.

The holiday started with a family wedding which was probably the most exciting event of the whole week! 

5 tips to keep you on top of your health on holiday

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be difficult. Obesity is becoming increasingly common and combating it is more vital than ever. Even those of us who are dedicated to staying fit and healthy can struggle when travelling is thrown into the mix, though. Giving in to temptation is greater than normal when you’re away from home, but it is possible to stay focused on your health goals without ruining your holiday. Restraint is a necessity, but punishing yourself will only drive you towards bad habits.

How a five minute encounter with a stranger changed my entire outlook

Yesterday an old man stopped me in the park and asked if he could sit and watch my kids play a while.

We went on to have a conversation that I want to share with others. Because it’s a conversation that will remain with me forever.  

Embracing monochrome and colour pops with XOKiddo

If you're a long time reader of Lilypad & Bow then you'll know that I'm always on the look out for new clothing companies for the kids and when XOKiddo got in contact it couldn't be any more like fate as their designs are so up our street!

XOKiddo was launched in April 2017 by graduate designer Rona Hollows. Her clothing pieces are designed for boys and girls alike up to the age of five and were designed with the Netherlands style in mind after Rona moved to London and found herself searching somewhat fruitlessly for a certain childrens style back in the Netherlands that seemed hard to come across over here in the UK.

XOKiddo use a minimalist approach to their clothing that along with the bold use of contrasting colours is undeniably Dutch, an inspired style that I for one absolutely adore!

XOKiddo very kindly sent us out a few outfits for the kids and we've had enormous fun trying them out and taking enough photos to incorporate into a look-book style post for you. 
As pretty as product flat-lays and the like are, I always find it much more helpful for clothing companies to show imagery of their designs actually on the children so I can picture for myself how these pieces might look on my own pair. Hopefully this post will be helpful for anybody who likes to do the same!

Week in Pictures #20

Wild barefoot and free. That's what summer is to me. 

This week has been the sunshine week of my dreams and once again I've taken more photos than I know what to do with. We've had a great time, the kids and I. They say sunshine is the best medicine and right now I'm more than inclined to agree.

Here's what we've been up to.

Siblings in May

Me being me genuinely thought I hadn't taken many photos of the kids together this month.. How wrong I was! When it came to going through my folder I couldn't believe how much I'd actually taken, so prepare for some extreme sibling spam folks 😂

This month, mostly down to the weather, we've been out and about a LOT.

In fact, I think every single photo I've taken this month has been outdoors. I think May is the new July/August to be honest, the weather's been stunning and the kids have been loving it.  

I woke up hurting, and not for the first time

This week is Mental Health Awareness week and today my mind is well and truly with Scott Hutchinson from Frightened Rabbit. For anyone who hasn't heard the story, you can read about it here. 

It hit me hard in the gut and now I'm carrying around the ache like so many others. Not just because I love Frightened Rabbit and not only because it's so incredibly tragic but for so many other reasons too, that try as I might I just can't seem to put words to right now. 

I actually tried writing about this earlier in the week, not long after social media heard about Scott's disappearance but I couldn't. I find myself well and truly blocked. I just can't write about it right now. 

But despite my writers block I also can't not acknowledge it, especially during mental health awareness week and I can't not acknowledge Frightened Rabbit as a whole and what they've done for me.