Lily Mae




Archer Leo

Some fresh air...

After my post on lethargy last week I made a concious effort to get out of the house in the days that followed. In all honesty I've felt myself slipping into a black hole lately and past experience tells me I need to claw myself back out of it before I'm in to deep. It's half term next week and by god will I need all the energy going and I just can't be this way when I have two children who need entertaining. And so I'm starting again. Starting as I mean to go on.

It's a thing of beauty how doing something you love can re-set your whole mind set. My favourite thing is going for a walk with my camera. It's such a simple thing but god it puts me in such a good frame of mind. It's something I'd fallen out of love with recently thanks to the lethargy, or at least I told myself I had, but actually forcing myself to get out of the house, with my boys, and our camera, was the best thing I could have done for escaping the black hole. 

Oxford and what it means to me

Correct me if I'm wrong but I feel like everybody has that one place aside from where they live that means so much to them and for me that place is Oxford.

God I can't tell you how much I love that place.

The tale behind Archers name

When I found I was pregnant for the second time it only took a few days hours before my thoughts went to names. I have a strange fascination with baby names, I always have done. Even as a little girl I remember spending so much time deciding on what to name all my dolls and then getting annoyed that my cabbage patch kids already had names on their tags because I didn't like 99% of the names they already had. I mean high maintenance child or what!

Not finding out the gender second time around naturally meant more names to look at. I spent months on the Internet googling names in the early stages and I felt so disgruntled at the fact nothing popped out at me. If we were to have another girl we wanted something that fit nicely with Lily. I'd been thinking along the lines of something floral again and I spent hours looking through Lily's flower fairy book and circling a ton of names in there but none of them stuck. (I wanted Scout, James was having none of it. We eventually decided on India/Indie - but that's another story) I do wonder whether maybe I couldn't commit to a girls name at the time because I knew deep down I was having a boy? Although boys names weren't much easier if I'm honest. I had more choice with boys names, as I naturally seem to prefer boys names, but again, frustratingly, none that stuck.

Siblings in February

It was this month last year that I first started The Sibings Project. That's a mind f*ck and a half let me tell ya! I remember lying Arch down on the floor and bribing Lily to lie next to him. These days I don't need to bribe them because theyre constantly all over each other as you'll see from the pictures below!

Weekend Watch - 11.02.17

It’s been a funny old weekend and if I’m honest it seems to have gone on forever. Probably because we’ve done a whole heap of nothing, which hasn’t helped my lethargic mood in the slightest.

I want to be one of those people who wake up in the morning with bundles of energy, plans and mental to do lists. But I’m not and never have been. I probably have chronic illness to thank for that one but god what I’d give to just start one day in the right frame of mind these days. It’s been so long.

To cut a long story short I woke up yesterday morning feeling like I’d been hit by a truck and I knew a migraine attack was coming. Thankfully a strong coffee and painkillers kept the throbbing at bay but I was left walking around with one of those persistently dull headaches, the metaphorical grey cloud following me around and the mood for the day was pretty much set after that.

Hello lethargy, my old friend

I feel so uninspired lately. By god is it a shitty feeling.

I've been poorly, which sucks, but it's meant I've had plenty of time at home and ample opportunity to sit down and write. Yet I've not put pen to paper once in the last few weeks. My notebooks are well and truly gathering dust. And I'll be honest with you the only reason my fingers have even skimmed the keyboard in the last 24 hours is to type How I met your mother unseen bloopers into YouTubes search engine.

Sometimes I get these feelings like I'm meant to be doing something more.