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When did blogging become such a chore?

It never used to be. I used to post as and when I liked, with no real thought to any sort of blogging routine. I was probably number 25689 in the Tots 100 chart and I'm pretty sure my partner was my only reader. But I was happy.

Some where along the line I subconsciously got sucked in to the blogging world, as we all do. And I didn't realise it until I was well and truly riding that train. It's human nature to want to be good at something. To want to be great at something even. To want to be the best. But when my conscious thoughts consist mainly of where I should be going and not where I am now then something is strongly telling me that it's time to take a step back and recognise that I need to change.

Siblings In January 18

It may be a new year but these two are continuing the current trend that began in the Christmas holidays of being thick as thieves.

It's both heart warming and a nightmare, tbh.

Lily makes Archer belly laugh twenty four seven and it's my favourite thing but in the same vein it's usually from her doing something naughty entirely for her little brothers amusement.

It's like all of a sudden they're a team. In cahoots.

Mama Style with Simply Be*

A company I find myself coming back to time and time again are Simply Be. I have worked with them in the past and have always remained impressed by the varied range of clothes available. When they got in contact recently and asked me try out some of their clothes once again, I knew I wouldn't have to worry about finding something I liked. 

Our Week in Pictures #13

The Christmas holidays are over and done with and I'm a little bit gutted. For the first time in a long time I could easily have had another few weeks holiday but alas it's back to cold rainy school runs and noisy overcrowded play groups instead!

Normally I crave the routine of these sorts of things but I think what I've enjoyed most about these particular holidays is the lack of routine, the lack of anything really. For the past week I've had no idea what day it is, that weird period in-between Christmas and New year where time seems to stand still and no-one really has any concept of it. I've surprised myself if I'm honest with just how nice it's been not to be constantly clock watching, not having to make sure we're on time for this and that and the other and allowing ourselves to just be

Siblings in December (and throughout the year)

An entire year of siblings project completed! Say what??

December's been my favourite month for these two and their relationship by far.
If they weren't thick as thieves before they certainly are now! A combination of Christmas spirit and Lily being solidly off school for a fortnight has seen to that.

 I'm so glad it's been this way instead of a disaster because I distinctly remember the last holidays, October half term, they were working each others last nerves as well as mine ha ha.

I've done a collage of some of my favourite photos of the two of them throughout the past 12 months and my god has it made me emotional. It's so strange looking back at the early updates from the year and reading my frustrations about Archer not walking and how desperate Lily was for him to walk. It feels like a different lifetime. A different child even. I can barely remember him that little now, and that makes my heart hurt more than I care to admit. 

Day in the life - 14.12.17

A day in the life style photo post is a post I've been meaning to do for agges.

I was inspired after reading the lovely Amber over at Meet the Wildes latest day in the life and I'm really on board with what it's all about. Capturing the mundane. The beautiful and not so beautiful ordinary. No fancy photography, added frills or added touches. Just me and the kids and what we get up to during a normal day.

This day in particular was Dec 14. An average Thursday during Lily's last week of school before the Christmas hols.

Three Gifts for Grandparents this Christmas that won't cost you a penny

Christmas is an expensive time of year, none more so than for a parent.

I'm not sure why exactly it is but we've been struggling more financially at this time of year than we have done previously (despite no change in our income.) I think it's because this is the first year we've really felt the pinch of buying presents for two children as last year Archer was young enough to find the wrapping paper as entertaining as he would any toy. And also perhaps because me and James have had new babies on both sides of the family, as well as a fair few of our friends. Thus meaning we've had more tiny little humans to buy gifts for this time around!

It's possible to find it all a bit overwhelming and whilst unfortunately I can't say I'm a dab hand at making DIY baby toys (that are safe and ethical anyhow!) I have however come up with some gifts for the grandparents that will mean more to them than the usual slippers and wine and also save on the pennies for us at the same time. Win win!

So without further ado

Mama Style - Winter Warmers with Tobi

Since becoming a parent, or more specifically since having Archer, any attempt I gave at having a fashion sense has gone down the drain. Along with my size 8 jeans. 

Now that I have two children and my life more or less revolves around the school run I value comfort and ease as much as I value aesthetics when it comes to my wardrobe. I still like my clothes to look good, I haven't given up completely on that front yet, but I want to feel comfortable in what I'm wearing too. Especially if I'm going to be spending my days to and fro-ing with the buggy and chasing the toddler. Which I am, everyday. 

Knitwear from Tobi appeals to me for exactly that reason. 

Our Week In Pictures #12