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Archer Leo

Week in Pictures #20

Wild barefoot and free. That's what summer is to me. 

This week has been the sunshine week of my dreams and once again I've taken more photos than I know what to do with. We've had a great time, the kids and I. They say sunshine is the best medicine and right now I'm more than inclined to agree.

Here's what we've been up to.

Siblings in May

Me being me genuinely thought I hadn't taken many photos of the kids together this month.. How wrong I was! When it came to going through my folder I couldn't believe how much I'd actually taken, so prepare for some extreme sibling spam folks 😂

This month, mostly down to the weather, we've been out and about a LOT.

In fact, I think every single photo I've taken this month has been outdoors. I think May is the new July/August to be honest, the weather's been stunning and the kids have been loving it.  

I woke up hurting, and not for the first time

This week is Mental Health Awareness week and today my mind is well and truly with Scott Hutchinson from Frightened Rabbit. For anyone who hasn't heard the story, you can read about it here. 

It hit me hard in the gut and now I'm carrying around the ache like so many others. Not just because I love Frightened Rabbit and not only because it's so incredibly tragic but for so many other reasons too, that try as I might I just can't seem to put words to right now. 

I actually tried writing about this earlier in the week, not long after social media heard about Scott's disappearance but I couldn't. I find myself well and truly blocked. I just can't write about it right now. 

But despite my writers block I also can't not acknowledge it, especially during mental health awareness week and I can't not acknowledge Frightened Rabbit as a whole and what they've done for me. 

Weekend Watch - 5.5.18

In a couple of months we'll definitely all be looking back on this bank holiday and saying ..'remember that bank holiday where we had sun?' I mean it never happens does it? There's some unspoken rule that every bank holiday has to be rainy and miserable and so this particular bank holiday sunshine was an unexpected but very pleasant surprise.

I'm happy to say we certainly made the most of it.

A Birthday Photolog - A day at Harlow Carr

A photolog from 24.04.18 where we spent my birthday at Harlow Carr in Harrogate. 

Shopping Small - Behind the Business

As a serial 'small shopper' I thought I would start a new series focusing on different small businesses by chatting to the often over looked faces behind them. Not only is it lovely to learn more about the businesses that I purchase from regularly it's also a great way of recommending these exceptional small shops to the wider parenting blogger community. 

The series starts off with a chat to the brains behind My Bud & Bear, a shop we recently discovered and who Archer is currently brand repping for.

Week in Pictures #19

A weekly photolog in which the school runs got warmer, the house got messier and we got a new sand pit..

Siblings in April

Not going to lie, my past few months of sibling updates have more or less just been me moaning about how much the kids have been fighting which has been enjoyable for exactly no-one but hallelujah we seem to have finally finally come out of that stage at long last. 

Which is honestly surprising to say that we've just had the two week Easter holiday and they've more or less been in each others pockets constantly, you'd think the bickering would increase ten fold but luckily not! 

I've noticed recently that Archer's speech has suddenly come on in leaps and bounds. All of a sudden he's speaking in full structured sentences and sounding like a proper little person and I think this has brought the pair of them even closer since Lily is getting more and more conversation out of him. 
She keeps teaching him things (rude words mainly..) and he still thinks that everything she says is hilarious. It's a good sibling stage and I'm enjoying seeing them act like a little team rather than the constant squabbles we've had before so long may it last!

Weekend Watch - Oh Easter

I'd like to say Easter has been good to us this year but all it's done really is bring us bad weather and leave me with a nasty bout of sinusitis. Frustrating! (Also how damn painful can your sinuses be!? Ugh who knew!)

As incapacitated as I felt on Easter Sunday it thankfully seemed the kids had a good time despite my ailments. The Easter bunny was on top form and left a trail of eggs both indoors and outdoors and Lily was a woman on mission when it came to finding them. A curly haired 35 lb machine that took no prisoners haha. Which meant poor Archer didn't find as many as he hoped for (we made her share tho obvs) but his little face lighting up the few times he did spot an egg, god it was just adorable!