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Archer Leo

Weekend Watch - Pumpkin Picking

We've not been having the best time of late hence why blog posts have become a bit sparse. We've not had chance to get out and do much and therefore there just hasn't been much to write about recently. I think everyone begins to slow down a bit when summer comes to an end and the weather turns cold again and naturally it's meant a lot of time indoors. 

Siblings In October

This month has been a looong month! Lily and Archer have been annoying each other in equal measure recently which has been quite hilarious 😂😂 It's really quite amusing to watch. Lily likes to get in Archers face and sing to him really loudly which he finds funny for about a minute before he gets fed up with it and starts bashing her in the face. Then the singing stops and I hear "No Archer that's mean. Go on the thinking step right now." Lol. She also likes to run around him in circles so that he whips around to watch her and topples over. This happens several times a day which as you can imagine is great fun *feel the sarcasm.* In turn Archer has developed this high pitched blood curdling shriek when he wants attention and Lily HATES it. Actually, to be honest, we all hate it. But I remember going through this stage with Lily at exactly the same age and if I remember correctly it doesn't last very long.

On the first day of your last year of pre-school

Lily, you're finally back at pre-school after what feels like the worlds longest summer holiday.

On exactly this day last year I was packing, probably over packing, your rucksack in the evening (healthy lunch - check, spare clothes - check, hat, scarf & gloves - check, a list of emergency contact numbers - check) and trying not to cry at the thought of letting someone else enjoy your company for 2 and a half days of the week.

When we left for nursery this time last year you were still so little in my eyes. You were shy around new people and you needed help getting your coat and shoes on. You still had accidents more days than not and you still asked for a story every night before bed. I  dressed you that morning and wondered whether I was making the right decision and I sat in the nearby Starbucks for hours after I dropped you off. Mainly because I couldn't bear to go all the way home incase you needed me to come back.

12 months on and things couldn't be more different.

September Through My Phone

Oh hey October, when did you rock up? September's been and gone in the blink of the eye and because the weathers been so unusually warm it's felt a little bit like we've had an extended summer. Not that I haven't appreciated it because it's been great but I am looking forward to seeing the back of the heat now. 

Hello shorter days and colder nights. Bring on the hot water bottles, conker collecting and autumn themed latte's I say

Archers 7 month update

Archer turns 8 months today so its time to round up how month 7 has been for him. It's definitely been the month of milestones, I feel like I have so much to talk about and honestly it's quite scary how fast it's all come on!

The Last Week of the Holidays

The last week of the summer holidays has been and gone and I can't decide if it's been fast or slow.
Actually, no. That's a lie.
Lets be honest here folks, it's been slooooow.

Not saying there hasn't been good bits. If I compare it to last summer where I was pregnant and stuck in hypermesis hell it's been bloody brilliant. And there's been some days this summer that I know I'll treasure forever. But the majority of it has been spent with my whingy 3 year old complaining she's bored and me desperately trying to come up with some new things for us to do that wont break the bank.

We managed though! We got through it! & now that the return to pre school is on the horizon I find part of myself wishing for a bit more time. Why is the grass always greener eh?