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Weekend Watch - A much needed lazy day | Blogmas Day 10

So I don't have the energy to type any sort of in depth post today I have to say. I'm poorly, shivery and achy with a horrible head cold but Blogmas I wont let you down I promise! I'm currently sat on the sofa watching the Xfactor final (it's pants) with a cup of lemsip and working on a scrapbook I've been doing for my auntie who isn't very well.

I've had a little think about what to write about for today's post and whilst I've got a few ideas floating around they'll have to wait for later days when I'm less exhausted. I've decided instead to post a few photos of our day in the form of a Weekend Watch post as it's been what feels like a lifetime since I've written one of these.

Which child needs me more? | Blogmas Day 9

Truth time here. Having two children is way harder than I thought it would be. I've been thinking about it a lot recently and I've come to the conclusion that the things I thought I'd find hard about having more children are not actually the things I've found to be hard at all. Does that make any sense?

During Archers pregnancy the main two things I would worry over was a repeat of colic and how I would deal with sleep deprivation with two on my hands. But actually neither has turned out to be as bad as I thought. It's all been suprisingly manageable. I think not having that first time panic this time round means I don't question every decision to do with Archer in the way I did during Lily's baby days. Nor do I get that overwhelmed feeling I used to get every time Lily was hurt, miserable or poorly. Granted Archer's colic turned out to be nowhere near as horrific as Lily's, like, not even on the same scale so that definitely helped but I also think it's just been a natural progression of having more confidence in what I'm doing as a parent. I've made no secret of the fact that Archers sleep is abismal, the complete opposite to Lily, my little sleeping angel who slept through the night from 9 weeks but even sleep deprevation doesn't effect me in the way I was worried it was. Am I tired? Hell yeah. Of course I am, I've not slept in 10 months, I'm freaking exhausted! But I tend not to dwell, I just get on with it and for the most part it doesn't really bother me.

Anywho I'm rambling and I'll get to the point of this post before I head off on a tangent about baby sleep. The thing I've actually found the toughest about having two children, the thing I hadn't really even thought about during my second pregnancy is knowing who to go to first when both of them want my attention. A question I seem to constantly ask myself - which child needs me more?

How we're doing with weaning - Blogmas Day 8

Ah weaning..such a messy messy experience! With weaning the second time around I have to say I've been way more relaxed. I remember when we weaned Lily I was terrified to give her anything that wasn't pureed to within an inch of its life for fear of her choking. She basically had jars and pouches for at least the first 6 months of weaning, possibly longer, and these days she's an incredibly fussy eater. I often wonder if a big part of it is down to me.

Archer has been weaned since 6 months and I have to say his eating experience so far has been completely different to Lily's.

What Lily said #2 | Blogmas Day 7

Singing yet another one of her made up songs - "Boys. They steal our toys. & make a lot of noise. Those smelly boys. 30 seconds later..Except for father Christmas mummy!"  Clearly she's really bought into the whole Father Christmas is watching thing 😂

"If daddy is cheeky again I will be throwing him in the back of a dustbin lorry."

Looking at the chocolate bar on my bed - "I'm not going to eat your piece of chocolate mummy. I'm just going to look at it. And stroke it. It's so beautiful."

If Father Christmas ever rings me I will answer and say 'Hello Mr Christmas.' Because that's polite."

"There are lots of elves in the world isn't there?" (SO adorable!)

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Avoiding Sibling Rivalry at Christmas by Dr Amanda Gummer | Blogmas Day 6

      Written by Amanda Gummer, MD and founder, Fundamentally Children

Christmas is an exciting and therefore often highly emotional time for children. If you have more than one child at home, there’s lots you can do to ensure they all enjoy the festivities together, rather than arguing and bickering or getting jealous and competitive.

It’s a really good idea to make sure you spend some time with each child individually over the Christmas period. Find out what they would like to do and let them lead your time together to get the most from it. This ensures that nobody feels left out or sidelined in the excitement and business of preparations and also gives you the time to focus attention on each child amidst the madness.

Do you ever truly feel 'done'? - Blogmas Day 5

I'm not going to lie after having Archer I thought I'd feel more 'done' with having kids than I do. I only ever really envisioned having 2 children, that was always the life plan and I find it kind of un-nerving that since having Archer it doesn't seem like such a solid plan anymore. 

And it's got me thinking - when do you ever really know if you are done having kids? I mean is there a defining moment of yep I'm finished, no more raising of small humans for me thanks. Or is it a case of being sensible and weighing up the logistics - pros and cons, finances and what not to help you to come to that decision. Will we just forever feel broody because we're women and we're all just programmed to feel that way? Does feeling broody necessarily mean its right for your family to have another? How do you know? It all just makes my head spin a little really.