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Week in Pictures #37

Well it's been a bit bloody warm this weekend hasn't it? 

After weeks and weeks of down pours and even the odd thunder storm, (!) on the last day of the month we finally received the weather June has owed us all along.

I woke up on Saturday morning and the air felt tropical. Not suffocatingly so in the slightest, full of opportunity would be more apt. Like we had woken up in some place far far away from Leeds. And with it I felt a desire to go outside that I hadn't felt in a long while.

Hello baby

Here we go again. One final time!

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Week in Pictures #36

This week we packed our bags and went on a much MUCH needed getaway to Keldy Forest. 

We actually booked it last year, way before moving house stress was even an issue in our lives and I don't think we appreciated just how good the timing of it would be until it came around. In fact I'd totally forgotten we'd booked it until a week ago, I could've wept with happiness when I remembered!

It did us all good to be away from school runs and noisy house renovations for the week I think and the weather was beaut which made it all the more better.

So thanks for having us back to your beautiful forest Forest Holidays, it's been a blast. Even if it does suck adjusting back to reality!

Our Upstairs House Plans and Before photos

We're coming to the end of May and I've hit a new low in trying to predict when the heck this house will be ready.

Honestly, I know all people in the middle of a house move say this but we are never moving house again. 


For as long as we live.


A few months ago I talked about our plans for downstairs and so here are our plans for the rest.

Week in Pictures #35


The Hawks are still making a run for the playoffs but is it too little too late?


House update and plans for downstairs


Siblings in February


Are the Chicago Blackhawks actually about to make the Play offs?


Week in Pictures #34


Week in Pictures #33

Today's been one of those weeks where you've got to laugh otherwise you wouldn't stop crying.
 You know those ones?

I had my driving test at the start of the week and it went so badly its left me feeling kinda traumatised. I have loads of excuses I could use for it - there was torrential rain for a start, my car chose to mist up as soon as we set off and then proceeded to take a ridiculous amount of time to demist and then the biggy - that fact that my instructor was basically Claude from The Apprentice's evil twin who both shouted at me and quite literally huffed and puffed through out the whole test which was SO humiliating/off-putting that I ended the test early and in tears. 

If I'm being totally honest with myself, I was so panicky before hand that I did the worst driving I think I've ever done and I reckon I probably would have driven just as badly even without all the above factors. But still, the whole thing ended up being something I'd just rather throw back to the deepest recesses of my mind and forget about entirely.

Anxietys a bitch isn't it?

Week in Pictures #32

This week has mostly consisted of clearing the house out for the big move, with a few freezing cold weekend walks thrown in for good measure.

90% of the week has just been packing packing packing. We've lived in this house for six years - who knew we could accumulate so much stuff?

Where is it all going wrong for the Blackhawks?

Where is it all going wrong for the Blackhawks?

Ah. The age old question. If only there was a simple answer to a straightforward question.

For a bit of context I'm currently writing this on January 18th, hours after the Chicago Blackhawks 4-3 loss to the New York Rangers.
It's not been a good month for us. Our Winter Classic loss to the Boston Bruins on New Years Eve seems to have set the ball rolling down  
a hill clogged full of lost games with wasted chances and we are yet to win a game in January thus far. 

So when looking to answer the question of where exactly is it all going wrong for the Blackhawks, the answer is unfortunately many, many things.

Siblings in January 19

Holy squabbling hell.

January is here and it's not bought us any peace. 

ANY. 😂

We have the keys! Now what?

Although we're only a week free of 2018 I feel like my mind has been stuck in 2019 and what it holds for a long time now.

So when people ask me if I've thought of what I want to do with the house yet the answer is a resounding YES!! I've quite honestly thought of nothing else!

First time buyers - We found our dream house!

Let's rewind back to October and I'll try to keep a long story short but I apologise in advance for my tendency to ramble.

I look at houses online A LOT, and have done for years. I've been obsessed with BBCs Homes under the Hammer since I was pregnant with Lily (back when I was living in my tiny claustrophobic little flat and forever dreaming of a better way to live) and my obsession with houses just sort of grew and grew since then. (DIY SOS, Escape to the name it, I watch it!)

We've always had a backwards sort of plan. Babies, house, then marriage. That's just the way things have worked out for us.

Week in Pictures #31

As I sit down to write this I can hear Archer in the next room playing with his sisters new karaoke set and singing George Ezra at the top of his lungs. 

It's cute. His little voice singing his heart out to lyrics he doesn't yet understand.

Honestly this holiday has been pretty close to perfect and that's not something I ever thought I'd say.

You hear people describe trips and visits and breaks and whatnot as perfect all the time and I often find myself thinking but was it ACTUALLY perfect? Are you sure you're not glamorising here? You're really telling me there's not a single thing you'd change?
But the Oxford dictionary definition of perfect is having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be and yeah when I think about this Christmas break that sounds pretty spot on to me.