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House update and plans for downstairs

The front room is currently covered in brown carpet with off white (yellowing more than anything) bobbled wall paper on the walls and ceiling. On the centre wall is an old fashioned fireplace.
We intend to rip up the carpets and take down the wall paper. The entire room will need a freshen up with white, or possibly light grey paint and once the carpet has been removed we plan to put down engineered hard wood flooring. (By we, I obviously mean James!)
The centre wall will become a feature wall (although the colour isn't decided yet I'm thinking moss green) and we have budgeted to replace the gas fire with a log burner. We're not entirely sure on what do in front of the bay window yet, we're currently going back and forth between a wooden bay window seat or a simple statement chair and house plant combo. The theme for this room will be cosy and warm, a den of sorts.

Whilst the kids are still relatively young we reckon the back room will be half dining room, half playroom. The dining table will be in here but the kids larger storage units will also be in here for the time being so it will be all a  bit mish mash for a year or two.
Much like the front room we will be ripping up the carpet and wall paper, freshening up with a neutral shade of paint and putting down the same hardwood floor as the front room. The old fashioned fire will also be coming out although we haven't decided what to do in it's place yet.
When the kids are older and no longer have the need for a play room I would eventually like to knock through to the kitchen and have a large open plan space but I think James needs a bit more convincing on that one first! I'd also like to swap out the patio doors for french doors eventually, with darker frames such as black or grey but again this will be at least a few years as there is so much we need to prioritise first.

The kitchen is one of the few rooms on the list that we haven't budgeted for as it's not a priority. *sigh* As much as I'm not a fan of the old school wood style, or the floor tiles, it's fully functional and so will have to do for the first few years at least. Although I'm not keen on the decor it is a nice wide open space with windows that look out on to the back garden and that allow a lot of light in so there are some positive at least!

The hallway and stairs we'll also be taking back to basics. The hallway is probably my favourite part of the house as it's so lovely and wide, something you don't see in many houses these days. 
The pink floral wallpaper and red patterned carpets are just hideous though aren't they!? 
The hallway will have the same hardwood flooring as the other rooms and the stairs will be carpeted in a light neutral shade.
All the interior doors will also be replaced with oak doors and the front door will eventually be replaced too. 

Next week I'll be covering our plans for the bedrooms, bathroom and loft space upstairs so feel free to check back!

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  1. This is going to be such a labour of love - you can see what a beautiful home it will be x

    1. Oh thankyou! I can't wait for it to be finished! x

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